The Best NFL Memes and GIFs From Week Six

Week six of NFL action is in the books and things look a lot different than what many people expected before the season started. The Cowboys are in ruins, Tom Brady has played every game, and the Seahawks are struggling.

Because the internet is a beautiful thing, we collected our favourite memes and GIFs from the weekend so we could share them with you.

Congrats, Colts!

What the hell were the Colts trying to do on that 4th down play? Goodell needs answers!

Meanwhile, Seattle’s goal of getting to a third straight Super Bowl took a hit.

Which will probably lead to this.

Let’s compare two “elite” quarterbacks.

Let’s all laugh at Romo!

The Pats are rolling right along in the wake of deflategate, but even genius head coach Bill Belichick doesn’t always know what is going on.

Golden Tate can make penalty flags appear simply by pointing.

Meanwhile, that Aaron Rodgers guy has good stats:

Dat Clay Matthews hair flip tho.

Broncos win!

Savage from this kid.

And finally, not a single person in the NFL knows what a catch is anymore.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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