2016 Rio Olympics

Team USA Dunked All Over Nigeria in 44-Point Blowout

Via AP

At what point does playing the Men’s Olympic Basketball Tournament become a pointless exercise?

The 2016 Olympics open up this weekend, and the American Dream Team played Nigeria in a warm-up game on Monday night (like they really need it). As expected, they won easily, cruising to a 44-point victory over their helpless opponents.

But forget about the final score, because that was a forgone conclusion before the game even tipped off. Check out these vicious dunks!

First we have DeMar DeRozen throwing down a baseline tomahawk.


Followed by the newest Golden State Warrior (and universal traitor) Kevin Durant sidestepping the defense and throwing it down in the paint.


And then Kyle Lowry threw an ally oop from three-quarters of the court away for DeAndre Jordan to hammer home.


Poor Nigeria. Actually, poor everyone who tries to the United States from winning basketball Gold this summer.