Conor McGregor

Stop Calling This The “Conor McGregor Walk”

Via Reddit

Conor McGregor is a huge star these days. He’s the first UFC fighter to hold two different championships simultaneously, and had made millions of dollars for both the company and himself while doing it (a fact that he reminds us of all the time).

To go along with his historic success, McGregor has unleashed a trademark strut. You’ve probably seen it.

Conor McGregor has Vince McMahon SWAG
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He did it again after beating Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205, and now it’s become a thing. Other athletes are even copying it. Like Marc Gasol of the Memphis Grizzlies. The play-by-play guy even calls it “the Conor McGregor Walk.”

We only have one small problem with this. It’s not the “Conor McGregor Walk.” It’s the “Mr. McMahon Billionaire Walk.” Don’t believe us? We present evidence from past decade or so.

WWE Vince McMahon - Power Walk
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Hell, McMahon’s own employees even parody it. Here’s Triple H doing it.


The evidence is clear, people. Stop calling it the Conor McGregor Walk and give Vinny Mac the credit he deserves.