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Sting Suffers Possible Career-Ending Injury At Night of Champions

In the final minutes of the WWE World Heavyweight title match Sunday at Night of Champions, Seth Rollins performed his trademark “turnbuckle bomb” maneuver on his opponent, Sting. After taking that move, Sting appeared visibly in distress and collapsed after ducking a clothesline attempt by Rollins. The match was briefly halted while WWE medical personnel checked on the 56-year-old Sting, but ultimately the match continued and was won by Rollins via rollup, who retained the WWE World Heavyweight title.

It has been reported that Sting suffered a significant injury to his neck, one which is potentially career-ending, during the match with Rollins. Early speculation is that it may have been the result of the aforementioned turnbuckle bomb. has confirmed the injury to Sting, but has not provided any specific details. Sting was scheduled to appear on Monday Night Raw, but his status is currently unknown.

Below is a short clip of the move which may have caused the injury. will have updates on the injury when they become available.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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