State Of Tennessee Has Issued A Lien Against TNA For Unpaid Taxes

Here we thought things couldn’t get any worse for TNA, which are currently facing multiple lawsuits, problems with licensing rights for music, wrestlers threatening to walk out over not getting paid, and the realization that they actually don’t have any money to deal with any of these other issues. However, it turns out that things are, in fact, much worse than originally thought, as it was revealed today by another website that the state of Tennessee has actually issued a lien against TNA, claiming that the company owes the state an undisclosed amount of unpaid taxes. If these taxes are not dealt with in some way, the state has the right to seize TNA property in order to settle the debt. Not only would this almost certainly be a death knell for the company if and/or when the state decides to take action, it will also make it even more difficult to find a new owner, as this lien would have to be settled as part of purchasing the company.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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