Spirt Squad’s Kenny Fired From Real Job While Working For WWE

While someone, somewhere must be enjoying the return of the Spirit Squad as The Miz’s henchmen in his battle against Dolph Ziggler, it appears that one of the members has cost himself his actual job while auditioning for a WWE contract. Ken “Kenny” Doane, who was actually intended to be the centerpiece of the Squad in its first iteration and stuck around for an unmemorable singles run after it disbanded (and also made headlines for several unsavory accusations directed at John Cena while not employed by the company), has reportedly been fired from his position as director of a non-profit charity due to the fact that he was missing so much work to wrestle in WWE. The real problem for Kenny, unfortunately, is that the Spirit Squad have been working for WWE without an actual full-time contract, and it’s uncertain whether they’ll continue to be a part of the company when Miz’s feud with Ziggler ends at TLC. Clearly, Kenny has some high hopes that will be the case, but we’ll have to see if things work out for him!

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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