Sheamus Loves Teaming With Cesaro, Because Who Wouldn’t?

After a rough couple of years, it’s easy to forget that Sheamus is actually an incredibly accomplished wrestler in WWE. He’s a multiple-time World Champion, a former King of the Ring, and has won both the Royal Rumble and the Money in the Bank briefcase, which he used a year ago to capture the WWE World Heavyweight title at Survivor Series. And after spending the first part of 2016 mired in the terrible League of Nations stable, things finally look like they might be coming back together for the Celtic Warrior, thanks to a Best of Seven series with fellow European Cesaro, and an ensuing tag team which has let them both stretch their legs from an entertainment perspective. In a recent interview with the UK Mirror, Sheamus talked about how working with Cesaro has revived his stagnant career.

“Oh I love it man. I have to say the only other person who was as physical as him or who I’ve enjoyed wrestling as much as him was Daniel Bryan, and we wrestled a ton of times, on TV and off TV. I love wrestling him. The competition between me and him is great.”

“[At] this stage it’s more about exploring my character and having fun’. I feel like with the League of Nations, we didn’t have that range or that opportunity to delve into our characters or the interplay between us all, it was mainly just having matches, with no character stuff. Already there has been a ton of that with this. I’m really enjoying it and having fun – we’re bouncing off each other.”

“It’s worked for both of us. We don’t know where it’s going to go and fans don’t either. It’s a lot of fun. And like I said all I want at this stage of my career is to go out and have fun, because I’ve pretty much done everything else.”

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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