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Shawn Michaels Accepts New Job At WWE Performance Center

Since his retirement following WrestleMania XXVI, it seems like Shawn Michaels has spent most of his time running around the various wilds of Texas, hunting, fishing and generally staying as far away from the squared circle as he can. Well, his hiatus from the world of wrestling looks like it might be over for a while, as it has been reported that HBK has taken a job at the WWE Performance Center, where he’ll be acting as a trainer for the “finishing” class of NXT recruits, taking over a job vacated by Terry Taylor, who recently had neck surgery and is not expected to return to the same position when he recovers.

Michaels has reportedly moved from Texas to Orlando as part of taking the job, and is part of a fairly large shakeup in the NXT coaching ranks, as it’s also been rumored that coaches Sara Amato and Adam Pearce have been called up as agents for the main roster due to the brand split, leaving several other openings in developmental.

In the past, Michaels actually ran his own wrestling academy, which provided a few names you might have heard of, including Cruiserweight Challenge participant Brian Kendrick, former WWE Superstar Lance Cade, and some guy named Daniel Bryan, who we understand had a fairly successful career of his own.

One has to assume that one of the subjects in any wrestling class taught by Shawn Michaels would, of course, be “Tag Team Partners, And How To Tell If They’ve Outlived Their Usefulness”.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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