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Seth Rollins Uses Banned Move At WWE Live Event

At a WWE live event this weekend, Seth Rollins and AJ Styles came together to pull out a move that hasn’t been seen in WWE in nearly fifteen years. In the Instagram video seen below, you can clearly see Rollins hit Styles with a version of the Vertebreaker, a double-underhook reverse piledriver originally popularized by former WWE Superstar Shane “Hurricane” Helms. The move was banned by WWE when they issued a blanket ban on all piledriver-type maneuvers (with special exceptions given for The Undertaker and Kane using the Tombstone version of the move).

As you can see, the version done by Rollins and Styles even seems to be a “safer” version, with Styles taking the move almost fully on his back instead of the neck and shoulders. Still, we wouldn’t expect to see Rollins busting out this move on a regular basis on Raw, if only because it’s incredibly hard to perform on the larger athletes found in WWE.

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Stephen Randle

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