Seth Rollins May Have Suffered An Injury At Clash of Champions

Rumors are coming out from Clash of Champions that Seth Rollins may have suffered some sort of rib injury during his Universal Title match with Kevin Owens. If true, it’s likely the injury occurred during a nasty blown spot near the end of the match, where Owens attempted to deliver a top-rope gutbuster-type maneuver on Rollins. Reports are that Rollins was attended to by medical personnel following the match, and may have had some difficulty breathing. There has been, obviously, no official word from WWE on the existence or severity of any injury suffered by Rollins, but in theory, most rib or chest injuries likely would not sideline Rollins for any extended period of time, although they could curtail his in-ring abilities for some amount of time.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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