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Seth Rollins Just Set An Incredible and Obscure WWE Record On Raw

This week on Raw, the WWE gave fans what they called a “Gauntlet Match” — a series of one-on-one matches with the winner moving on to face the next competitor. Naturally, such a match definitely puts the starting combatants at a distinct disadvantage — Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns started the match, and would have to beat multiple other WWE superstars in order to actually win the damn thing.

Neither of them won, which makes sense, but Rollins did put on one hell of a show for the fans. First he managed to beat Roman Reigns (cleanly) via a roll-up and followed that up by beating John Cena (again, cleanly) with a Curb Stomp. Those first two sections of the match took up the entire first hour of Raw (including commercial breaks), and Rollins was incredible throughout. He would be beaten by Elias in the third match of the Gauntlet… umm…. Match.

In total, he spent an hour and five minutes in the ring, which set a record for the longest time any superstar has wrestled in a single match in the history of Raw.

The previous record either belongs to John Cena and Shawn Michaels for a 55:49 minute thriller from a Raw in London, England back in 2007 or a 60-minute Iron Man Match between Triple H and Chris Benoit, which the WWE doesn’t bother to acknowledge any more for obvious reasons.

Here’s a highlight package of the three finished involving Rollins, but if you didn’t catch Raw this week you should definitely go back and watch it. The first hour featured some of Rollins’ best in-ring work.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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