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Sasha Banks Reportedly Scheduled For Medical Exam, Could Miss Significant Time

Sasha Banks’ shocking loss to Charlotte at SummerSlam, which saw her drop the Women’s Title less than a month after her hugely emotional win, sent the rumor mills spinning almost immediately, especially once it was revealed that she was also removed from live events for at least the next 33 days. We’re being specific about the number of days, because thanks to the recent rash of suspensions for Wellness violations, people instantly became fairly paranoid that The Boss might have also been nabbed with a failure.

Well, there’s relatively good news on that front, although not actual good news, because reliable sources are reporting that Sasha is scheduled for a medical examination in the next couple of weeks, related to ongoing issues with her lower back. Her title loss and removal from the road looks like it simply may be WWE hedging their bets and not wanting to move forward with a potentially injured champion, as well as giving Sasha time to recuperate, a decision we can entirely understand.

In addition, while fans may not be happy about seeing Charlotte as champion again, there is someone available to fill Sasha’s boots who could instantly be a title threat, who would easily slide into the top babyface position (and could even feud with Sasha when she returns) and who just finished up her final obligations in NXT. While nothing is certain until it happens on TV, if the injury rumor about Sasha proves true, we wouldn’t be shocked to see a very huggable new contender debut on Raw tonight to confront the two-time Women’s Champion.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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