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Ryback Announces That He Has Officially Been Released From WWE

A couple of months ago, just after the Payback Pay Per View, it was revealed that WWE Superstar Ryback had been sent home as a result of an apparently unsolvable contract dispute, with WWE having no intention of using Ryback again on television until his contract expired. The real question among wrestling fans was, when was that going to happen? It seems as if nobody was quite sure when Ryback’s contract with WWE was up, and he was fairly vague on social media when confronted with the question. While a nail was driven into the coffin of Ryback’s WWE career when he was not drafted as part of the Brand Extension, the final blow came when it was finally revealed that his official release was, apparently, today, as he posted a video on Instagram to announce his newfound freedom. While there is no word on Ryback’s plans for the future, one thing is certain from his words: he definitely does not work for WWE anymore.

You can watch his video right here: Monday, August 8th #ThankYou #FeedMeMore

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