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Ric Flair’s Fiancee Claims To Have “Witnessed a Miracle” in Nature Boy Health Update


After scaring the crap out of wrestlings fan everywhere with a surprise trip to the ICU, it’s been a couple weeks since we heard anything about the condition of Ric Flair other than a vague but positive sounding tweet from his daughter Charlotte.

Earlier this week, Flairs fiancee Wendy Barlow released a statement saying that the Nature Boy is doing much better and will start physical therapy in the coming weeks:

“I wanted to update everyone on Ric’s progress as so many people have been reaching out and offering their Prayers and Support. He is doing very well for a man who has been through so much! He will begin Physical Therapy shortly and will be stronger than ever and back out enjoying all the fans sooner than you would think. I can honestly say I have witnessed a miracle.”

The exact medical problem that Flair was facing still hasn’t been disclosed. Whatever it was, though, it was obviously very serious. The official Ric Flair twitter account also tweeted out this positive message, although it’s unlikely that Flair is running his own social media account right now.