Red Bull’s Newest Insane Extreme Sport – Racing Trucks Down The Side Of A Ski Mountain

Just when we think the combination of Red Bull’s deep pockets and thrill seekers looking for a rush can’t get any more ridiculous than a free fall from the edge of frickin’ space, we are proven wrong.

Introducing Red Bull Frozen Rush. Yes, it sounds like some sort of energy-infused frozen cocktail, but it’s not a drink. It’s a nine man competition where drivers race 4×4 trucks down a specially designed course as if they were Giant Slalom skiers. The course includes all the standards for a downhill race, including jumps, slaloms, and tight turns — except instead of being on skis, you do it in a two-tonne truck going 100 mph.

The pioneer of Frozen Rush is legendary wheelman Ricky Johnson, who has competed in motorcycle, off-road truck, and stock car racing in his long career as a professional driver. In 2014 he started to get curious about how his truck would handle on a ski slope, and well, the rest of history.

“It’s kind of like being asked if you want to go to the best party ever,” Johnson said. “I’m stoked to be the first guy to do it.”

Drivers outfit their cars with custom made BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A FR2 tires, each one packed with at least 700 hand-placed studs on them. Just look at these bad boys! Via Uproxx

Frozen Rush had it’s third annual event in 2016, featuring thousands of spectators and some crazy moments. After all, this is a sport that involves driving a mini-monster truck down the side of a freaking mountain! Check out some of these highlights:

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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