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Raw Rating Holds Steady For Another Week

While it would have been nearly impossible to top last week’s Raw in terms of quality, this week’s episode was by no means a terrible show, and managed to maintain basically the same ratings and viewership. Overall, Raw averaged 3.31 million viewers and a 1.24 rating in the 18-49 demographic, both roughly what the show brought in last week. The show did see the return of a massive third hour loss of viewership, as nearly 400k viewers changed the channel after 10 PM. However, ratings holding steady has to be an early positive sign for WWE, as Raw had been in a near-constant slide for most of 2016. The show finished second overall among cable original programming for the evening, behind (as usual) Love and Hip-Hop on VH-1, which beat Raw handily in the demos, but had significantly less viewers.

Hourly Breakdown

Hour 1 (8-9 PM): 3.46 million viewers, 1.27 demo rating
Hour 2 (9-10 PM): 3.40 million viewers, 1.26 demo rating
Hour 3 (10-11 PM + overrun): 3.08 million viewers, 1.19 demo rating

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Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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