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It’s only been three weeks since Survivor Series, but it’s time for another WWE Pay Per View! This month, it’s time for TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (thankfully, the “& Stairs” addition of 2014 was short-lived), with the main event featuring new WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus defending the title against the man he stole it from, Roman Reigns, in a TLC Match. In addition, tables, ladders, and chairs will be fully represented in their own matches up and down the announced card. In case you haven’t been paying attention, we’ve put together a little summary of each and every match that has been made official for this Sunday, so you can get yourself up to speed on what you need to know before the Pay Per View!

Team ECW vs The Wyatt Family – Elimination Tables Match

Technically, the ECW team has only gotten moral victories in this three-week feud, but the good thing about the Dudley Boyz is that it doesn’t matter how much they lose, as long as they occasionally put someone through a table. An elimination match is the best way to guarantee mayhem and destruction, which should sate the fans’ appetites for tables, but ultimately, this feud had to have been set up for The Wyatt Family to actually get a rare win, right? If Bray Wyatt and his team can’t beat a team involving Tommy Dreamer, whose entire gimmick is that he never wins, they might as well ship the entire act all the way back to NXT until they decide they want them to be a credible team of bad guys. Source:

Charlotte vs Paige – WWE Divas Title

So, everything’s gotten kind of awkward in the Divas division, and Becky Lynch is now the only regularly appearing female face who is still being booked like one. The good news is, aside from Team BAD, the entire ridiculous “team” concept is pretty much gone (and if the miscommunication spots on Monday were any indication, Team BAD also won’t be long for this world). This re-match was expected, but in three weeks, the dynamic has somewhat changed, as Charlotte is embracing her Flair heritage, while Paige is still being mean, but in a way where she’s also completely telling the truth. Given the choice in a match that is ostensibly between two heels (even if the Charlotte turn isn’t truly official yet), we’d expect fans to side with Paige this Sunday, but that probably isn’t enough to get her the victory. Look for Charlotte to retain and hopefully begin her true reign of terror, hopefully involving matches with Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and a potentially soon-to-debut Bayley. Source:

The New Day vs Lucha Dragons vs The Usos – Ladder Match – WWE Tag Team Titles

Making this a ladder match was a no-brainer, and instantly brought back that nostalgic feeling for the classic Dudleyz-Hardyz-Edge & Christian matches of the past. This match probably won’t reach those sort of heights, but we can always dream, right? There’s a very good chance this match will be absolutely crazy, with five of WWE’s biggest high-flyers involved, and it could be a surprise contender for best match of the evening. The New Day is just on a whole other level compared to most of the rest of the roster, and probably shouldn’t be losing the tag title here. On the other hand, they’re so huge that they almost don’t need the titles, and we all know that WWE likes to default to The Usos at champion when possible, which would allow for two separate tag team feuds: one for the titles, and one for whomever wants to fight the New Day.;jsessionid=A9B54CE3E45F00B9C2CA2E4A7E9805E4?r30_r1_r1:page=8 Source:

Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger – Chairs Match – WWE United States Title

The only good thing to come out of this feud is the end of MexAmerica. Oh, and the hilarious .gifs of Zeb Colter slowly riding away from both men on his scooter. Aside from a surprisingly good match with Neville during the WWE World Heavyweight title tournament, Alberto Del Rio has basically been sleepwalking his way through his latest WWE run. Meanwhile, until three weeks ago, Jack Swagger was a complete non-factor in WWE, with a hard-earned reputation for accidentally injuring other wrestlers. So it’s a good thing he’s in a match that allows him to freely use dangerous steel chairs as weapons. Swagger may have all the jingoism in the world on his side, but there is no way he’s in a position to end up holding a title in WWE at this point. This entire feud smells of WWE killing time, since they won’t need to have a US Title match at the Royal Rumble PPV, so they’ve got lots of time to build up someone with actual credibility to face Del Rio. Or they’re just waiting for Cena to return and take the title back. Either way, Swagger’s not winning this match. Source:

Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose – WWE Intercontinental Title

It’s okay if you didn’t remember this match was happening, thanks to an ill-timed sickness and Ambrose being caught up in Roman Reigns’ little war with Sheamus, most of the build has happened on Smackdown. No, seriously, Ambrose won a #1 contender’s match three weeks ago on Smackdown, and this week they did a contract signing on the Thursday show. Of course, all anyone’s going to see in video packages is multiple angles of Ambrose throwing concessions at Owens, which is too bad, because the match will probably be pretty good, but there’s no story behind it. In our ideal scenario, Owens retains and eventually faces Sami Zayn at WrestleMania, because we’re shameless in our desire to have Owens and Zayn fight each other forever, but even if that’s not the eventual plan, it’s pretty likely Owens walks away from this match still the Intercontinental Champion. Source:

Sheamus vs Roman Reigns – TLC Match – WWE World Heavyweight Title

Well, if anybody was excited to see this match before Raw, WWE certainly did their best to squash that desire with the segment that ended the show. Would you like to know the real tragedy? This match will probably be pretty good! As shown in his WrestleMania match with Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns is at his best when he’s in there with someone who is willing to let Reigns just hit them as hard as he can, and can give as good as they get. Sheamus is one of those wrestlers who thrives in that kind of environment. That’s not to say they’ll be trying to actually hurt each other out there, but they won’t be pulling any punches, either. Plus, thanks to the TLC stipulation, everyone expects a brawl instead of a technically-focused match anyway. The sheer number of potential wrestlers who could interfere is staggering, and frankly, WWE wouldn’t have made Sheamus look so ridiculously weak since he won the title if he wasn’t retaining in screwy fashion here. Realistically, they should just put the title on Reigns and try and salvage things, but we said that at Survivor Series and look what happened. Source:
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