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Paige May Have Serious Neck Injuries, Could Require Surgery

WWE Superstar Paige hasn’t been seen on WWE programming since the draft, which has not gone un-noticed by some fans, especially with the Women’s Division being split in two, opening up more spots on both brands. Early speculation was that it was related to her relationship with Alberto Del Rio, who was drafted to Smackdown while Paige ended up on Raw, a fact Del Rio was visibly upset about at the Draft. However, several sources, including Paige’s own mother, have denied those claims, saying instead that Paige has only been taken off TV to deal with some injuries.

This week, the Wrestling Observer reporting that Paige’s injuries might actually be fairly serious, and related to neck and shoulder problems of a serious nature. Paige revealed at one point that she does suffer from scoliosis (and also that she wasn’t great about doing the required treatments to deal with it), so it could be related to that, or simply an accumulation of injuries from an already near-ten year in-ring career. If true, it seems likely that Paige could be headed for surgery, with an expected recovery time of roughly a year, which is unfortunate timing now that women’s wrestling might finally be getting its due in WWE.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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