Paige May Be On Her Way Out Of WWE

This is all speculation for now, although it comes from highly reliable sources, but it sounds like WWE Superstar and one of the stars of Total Divas, Paige, who is currently serving a 30-day suspension for violating the WWE Wellness Policy, may be trying to find a way out of her contract. It sounds as if Paige is looking to join her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio, who recently exercised an “out” clause in his own contract and will be finished with the company at the end of the month, after a tumultuous last few months which saw her relationship become public, leading to several complications.

Since then, rumors have suggested that authority figures in WWE tried to break up the couple, leading to them being drafted to separate brands, and some have alleged that Paige was threatened with being fired if she didn’t split with Del Rio. In addition, Del Rio’s ex-wife recently sued him, claiming that his relationship with Paige started while they were still married. Then, of course, came the matching Wellness suspensions only days before SummerSlam, which seems like they might have been the final straw for both Del Rio and Paige.

Again, none of this has been confirmed, but we will wait and see what happens after Paige’s suspension ends in just over a week.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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