Paige, Emma Set To Return To WWE TV Shortly

The Raw and Smackdown Women’s Divisions look like they will be getting some reinforcements in the coming weeks, as Emma, who underwent surgery for back issues just after WrestleMania, is set to return to the road this week, and should be back on TV shortly after that. There’s no word on which brand she’ll ultimately end up on, as she was not drafted due to her long-term injury status, but if it were up to us, we’d probably put our money on the less star-studded Smackdown roster.

Additionally, Paige is scheduled to return from her Wellness suspension this week, although her actual comeback will likely be delayed due to the injury that was already keeping her off TV before her suspension. She has also issued a statement on social media which stated definitively that she has not quit WWE and will be back as soon as she is able. There are reports that both she and WWE may have come close to a decision that would have seen her leave the company in recent weeks, but both sides walked back from the edge and things are allegedly fine between them.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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