OMG: Fed Up Coach Savagely Rejects Young Baller Via YouTube

Coaching kids can be frustrating, in any sport. I have personally spent many lovely summer evenings trying to get four- and five-year-olds to play a somewhat organized game of soccer instead of chasing butterflies, climbing the bleachers, stopping for their sixth snack break, or just crying to their parents because their shoelace came untied. Like I said — frustrating.

This guy, however, has clearly had enough. As he tried to rally his young troops, No. 2 seems to get confused about which basket he’s supposed to be attacking. As he’s about to lay in an easy two points for the wrong team, Head Coach Getthat Garbage Outtahere stuffs the crap out of that weak attempt and sends the kid crashing to the ground.

Lesson (hopefully) learned.