Nike Silences the Kevin Durant Haters With This Post-NBA Finals TV Spot

Don’t look now, but for the second time in as many weeks, we’ve been tricked into posting a corporate commercial disguised as “viral content” to Goliath! We promised ourselves we wouldn’t do it again after we published the hilarious Kobe Bryant/Jalen Rose ESPN ad. But promises are made to be broken.

Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship on Monday night, beating the best player in the game in LeBron James along the way. Durant not only claimed his first NBA championship, but was (deservedly) named Finals MVP for his ridiculous play in the five game series. KD averaged 35.2 points, 8.4 rebounds, 5.4 assists, and 1.6 blocks her game against LeBron and the Cavs. So whether you think he took the easy way out by joining the Warriors last off-season or not, you can’t deny the man’s talent.

Durant is one of Nike’s most high-profile athletes, so naturally they had a brand new commercial waiting as soon as the job was finished. As sports fans will spend the entire basketball off-season debating whether Durant made the morally right move to join an already stacked team, Nike wants you to Debate This:

Even if you hate Durant or the Warriors, you gotta respect the way KD played in the face of all that criticism. His late three-pointer in Game Three put the series on lock down, and his Game Five performance was truly MVP worthy.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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