Nigel McGuinness Joins WWE For UK Title Tournament

Former independent wrestler Nigel McGuinness, who recently left his duties at Ring of Honor, has officially joined WWE to do color commentary for the upcoming UK Title Tournament in January. McGuinness, who also briefly wrestled in TNA under the name Desmond Wolfe, was one of the independent scenes hottest stars before injuries derailed his in-ring career. He had been working for ROH as a color commentator and on-screen authority figure in recent years, but publicly vacated those positions last week, with many assuming he would be joining WWE’s developmental system in a coaching role. Currently, nothing has been revealed about McGuinness’ role in WWE aside from working at this tournament, but their recent expansion into the UK, with rumors that they are planning to open an actual developmental program there, would suggest that he could be very useful for the company going forward.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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