More News On TNA’s Financial Problems As A Second Lawsuit Is Filed

After looking like they’d been given another lease on life just last week, it appears as if TNA is about to collapse under a pile of lawsuits and financial problems, mostly resulting from them failing to pay a lot of people. In addition to the lawsuit filed by Billy Corgan (for which he has requested that records be sealed, preventing anyone from finding out the reasons behind it), one of TNA’s former production companies, Audience Of One Productions, is now suing the company, as well as minority owners Aroluxe, for money they were promised and not paid.

In addition, due to court documents discovered as part of this second lawsuit, it has been revealed that Dixie Carter also owes Billy Corgan a sum of money personally, and that it’s very likely that Bound For Glory and the last round of Impact tapings were funded by a corporation related to minority owners The Fight Network.

To make matters even worse, some of the entrance music of certain TNA wrestlers was apparently covered up by audio of crowd noise during this week’s Impact, reportedly due to the fact that TNA has not paid the creator of that music and is no longer allowed to use it.

It has also been revealed by Dave Meltzer that several wrestlers under contract with TNA have declared that they will file for breach of contract and become free agents (or a series of new lawsuits for the company) if they are not paid by next week.

This will all end in tears, we’re afraid. Stay tuned for any further developments!

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle is an avid wrestling and film fan. He's been writing about WWE, movies, and video games for Goliath since 2015.