Mick Foley Defends Seth Rollins Against Accusations He’s ‘Unsafe’

One of the bigger stories since Seth Rollins ascended to the main event of WWE was an ongoing issue with WWE Hall of Famer Bret “Hitman” Hart, who made several public statements taking Rollins to task for being, in Hart’s eyes, an unsafe worker who had repeatedly been in situations that had resulted in his opponents getting injured during matches. Hart would often point to the fact that he never injured anyone during his long career as a standard that he felt other wrestlers should be able to match, but which others felt was nearly impossible to duplicate, due to the high-impact nature of pro wrestling and the existence of pure random chance. One such wrestler who is firmly in Seth Rollins’ corner is another WWE Hall of Famer and the current GM of Raw, Mick Foley, who took some time to write down his thoughts on whether or not Seth Rollins is an unsafe worker. Here are some excerpts:

“The evidence against Seth seems to focus on the two injuries from the Rollins “turnbuckle bomb” to Sting and Finn Balor, and the broken nose John Cena suffered in a match with Seth. I wrote about that injury to Sting in a Facebook post from Setpember, 2015, in which I opined that certain moves become more and more difficult to pull off and to absorb as we age…This could very well have been the reason why the Rollins turnbuckle bomb, used safely on hundreds of occasions, created a whiplash effect in the neck of Sting, 56 years old at the time of the match. In my opinion, the injury was not Seth’s fault, not Sting’s fault, or WWE’s fault; it simply may have been a case of trying to push back the hands of time a little too far, a little too fast.”

“I feel like there’s more pressure to produce for today’s WWE Superstars. The moves are more intricate, they are performed with greater frequency, and there is pressure – from the fan base, and from the Superstars, to constantly push the bar…Unfortunately, it goes with the territory that signature moves will be used in new capacities – so that the power bomb on the turnbuckle will inevitable become a power bomb on the barricade – where there is almost no margin for error. Unfortunately, the landing was not a good one for Finn….Trust me, I know Seth well enough to know that he already felt great remorse, without wrestling fans placing the blame on him.”

“Sometimes, injuries just happen. It’s part of what we do. Seth Rollins is a safe wrestler. He works an intense, highly physical style, as do most of the WWE Superstars. Those moves look good for a reason; there’s a sense of realism to so many of them – a realism that is absolutely necessary in today’s day and age….Current fans see good, and often great matches on a weekly basis and today’s WWE Superstars sacrifice their bodies, week in and week out in their effort to excite, excel, and entertain. Seth Rollins embodies this spirit. He deserves to be remembered for his dedication to his craft, and for his willingness to go above and beyond to participate in great matches for WWE fans around the world.”

You can read the full article on Foley’s Facebook page.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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