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Matt Hardy Gets ‘WOKEN’ For Good On Monday Night Raw


It took almost nine months, but Matt Hardy is finally WOKEN (but not BROKEN — that’s different, apparently).

After months and months of legal wrangling, it appears that WWE and Hardy have secured to intellectual property rights of the BROKEN Universe from Impact Wrestling. Or at least, a slightly different version of it.

Last week on Raw, Hardy lost to Bray Wyatt and appeared to “snap,” throwing out his trademark DELETE gestures as he recovered in the ring. This week, he emerged fully WOKE.

Whether Hardy is broken or woken, the gimmick has finally arrived in all its glory. The accent, the robes, the hair, and the promise to DELETE the OBSOLETE Bray Wyatt.

We’re not sure how much freedom the WWE will give Hardy as he continues to explore the WOKEN Universe. Impact Wrestling let him film entire wrestling matches at his North Carolina home, featuring his wife Reby, his son Maxel, and his gardener Benjamin. Brother Nero (aka Jeff) is currently off injured, but he will likely join in the WOKENESS when he returns.