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Matt Hardy Finally Lets The BROKEN Universe Creep Into His WWE Character

Screenshot via WWE

The legal standing of the BROKEN Universe, Matt (and Jeff) Hardy’s uber successful gimmick back when they were still in TNA/Impact Wrestling, has been a long and drawn out saga.

Hardy and the WWE have been negotiating with Impact all year over who actually owns the intellectual property of Broken Matt, Brother Nero, and all the other gestures and mannerisms associated. As the lawyers worked out the details, the Hardys have generally stayed away from using any of the BROKEN gimmick, only throwing out a tiny teaser to fans every now and again.

With Jeff currently on the shelf with a major injury, Matt is left alone on the Raw brand with very little to do. So it was encouraging to see this after he suffered a rather routine defeat to Bray Wyatt this week:

Has the loss of his brother and the singles losing streak (plus the legal situation being sorted) finally pushed Matt to become broken?

Let’s hope so.