Manny Machado Goes on Profanity-Laced Rant After Red Sox Throw At Him Again

Baseball’s unwritten code of respect and payback continues to be, as always, completely idiotic.

If you thought the beef between the Baltimore Orioles and the Boston Red Sox was over, then think again. Apparently it doesn’t matter that the Sox already threw behind the head of O’s third baseman Manny Machado earlier this season, as payback for a perceived late slide into Boston infielder Dustin Pedroia. In Machado’s first at bat on Tuesday night, Red Sox ace Chris Sale threw behind him again, prompting the ump to warn both teams.

Machado would strike out in that first plate appearance, but got his revenge in the seventh inning by hitting a towering home run off Sale (although Boston would eventually win the game 5-2). The real story here is what Machado said after the game, and it was an interview for the ages.

**WARNING: VERY NSFW LANGUAGE**  (Although it IS beeped out)

Here’s a loose transcription, from Deadspin:

F**king bullsh*t. F**king bullsh*t coward stuff. That’s stuff that you don’t f**king do. But I’m not on that side, I’m not in that organization. They’re still thinking about that same slide that I did that was no intention on hurting anybody and I’m still paying, I’m still trying to get hit at. Getting thrown at my f**king head, getting f**king thrown at everywhere. It’s f**king bullsh*t. I’ve lost mad respect for that organization, for that coaching staff, for everyone over there.




Pitchers out there with f**king balls in their hands, throwing 100 mph trying to hit people. And I’ve f**king got a bat too. I could go out there and crush somebody if I wanted to. But you know what, I’d get suspended for a year and the pitcher only gets suspended for two games. That’s not cool.

The whole situation is even stranger considering the other storyline of this series. Orioles outfielder Adam Jones publicly accused some members of the Fenway Park crowd of hurling racial slurs at him after the first game on Monday, and was actually greeted with a standing ovation on Tuesday — a sign of support from the Boston crowd, who don’t like being associated with rude racists. Those warm and fuzzy feelings only lasted a single inning, though, until Sale threw a 98 mph heater at Machado’s knees.

The Red Sox and Orioles have two games left in this series, and we suggest you tune in.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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