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Major Potential Spoiler For Raw Tonight

With WrestleMania just under two months away, and a laundry list of injured wrestlers, WWE is clearly attempting to pull out all the stops to make the build to the big show as interesting as possible. To that end, there are multiple reports that Daniel Bryan is in Seattle and may in fact be appearing on tonight’s episode of Raw. There has been no word about what he’ll be doing on the show, and no medical updates on his condition have been made public, so it’s unknown what the purpose of his appearance will be. In fact, it’s also possible he might just be flying in to support his wife, Brie Bella, who is involved in a feud with WWE Divas Champion Charlotte, and film footage for future episodes of Total Divas.

The real controversy is that from photos taken this weekend, Bryan has cleared trimmed his beard and hair down to pre-“Yes” Movement levels. We will now open up the floor to crazy theories. Source:
Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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