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Lucha Underground Officially Confirms Second Season

Lucha Underground, a smaller independent wrestling promotion that received rave reviews for its unique story-telling and excellent in-ring content, has announced that they will be returning for a second season on El Rey Network in the United States. There had been some concern that the popular young promotion might not return after a critically-acclaimed first season, due to it losing significant amounts of money and needing a better television deal to survive. The promotion will tape all the episodes for the new season in late 2015, for a premiere in early 2016. Lucha Underground features some of the best wrestlers in the world not currently under WWE contract, including Alberto El Patron (formerly Alberto Del Rio), Johnny Mundo (the former John Morrison), rising North American star Prince Puma, and some of Mexico’s most talented luchadores. Its first season included uniquely shot backstage segments and an overarching plot for the entire season that played out similar to a movie, interwoven with traditional wrestling matches. Both Survivor creator Mark Burnett and famed film director (who is also Chairman and Founder of El Rey Network) Robert Rodriguez are listed as executive producers for Lucha Underground, and had this to say about Lucha Underground’s renewal:

“We brought together some of the best athletes from lucha libre and wrestling to fight in Los Angeles this year on Lucha Underground. It was fresh, it was compelling and it got the attention and created buzz across the entire wrestling world” – Mark Burnett

“The explosive combination of athleticism and storytelling makes for such great television and I’m so pleased that this legendary wrestling tradition will continue to have a home on El Rey Network.” – Robert Rodriguez

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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