LeBron Approves of Cavs Signing Derrick Rose, Apparently Wants to Fight Kyrie Irving

(AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

What the heck is going on in Cleveland right now?

After the bombshell news broke late last week that All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving was demanding a trade to get away from LeBron James, a flurry of stories have popped up ranging from somewhat surprising to downright strange.

First, the Cavs announced they signed former MVP Derrick Rose to a one-year, $2.1 million deal (the veterans minimum). The long-time Chicago Bull point guard won the MVP in 2010-11, but was plagued by injuries in the next four seasons.  When he finally seemed to be getting back on track, the Bulls traded him to the basketball equivalent of a black hole — the New York Knicks. Where careers go to die.

After a single, fairly average season with the Knicks (18 ppg, 3.8 rebounds, and 4.4 assists), Rose now finds himself on a championship contender. His new teammate LeBron James seems excited to have him.

If Irving does indeed leave the Cavaliers, it will be interesting to see whether Rose can have a bit of a career renaissance playing alongside James. That remains to be seen, obviously, but one thing is for sure — LeBron seems fed up with having Irving for a teammate.

Initial reports said that James was “blindsided” by Irving’s trade request. Some reporters would later use the word “furious.” To kick things up a notch, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith eventually suggested that LeBron was ready to throw fists the next time he saw Kyrie.

The NBA off-season is officially more fun than the actual NBA season.