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Lana And Rusev Are Getting Married This Weekend! Source:

At this point, everyone knows that Lana and Rusev are a happily engaged couple, if only because Lana mentions it every week when introducing the Bulgarian Brute (a fact which, when originally revealed on Instagram, allowed them to parachute out of a ridiculous “love triangle” angle last summer). Well, according to a series of photos posted on Instagram, Lana and Rusev are tying the knot this very weekend, in a small beach ceremony that will apparently be filmed (likely for Total Divas), and which appears to have several female WWE Superstars in attendance. You can see some of the photos, which are apparently of the pre-wedding rehearsal dinner, right here. We’d also like to offer our congratulations to Lana and Rusev on this happy day!

Obviously, there has been no word on if Rusev, the current US Champion, and Lana will be on Raw this upcoming week, after their nuptials are completed.

I am the most #RavishingBride @oliazavozina #oliazavozina

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Less than 24 hours…can’t wait for @rusevig to be my husband. #RusevandLanaWedding

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