Kevin Owens Is Such A Good Heel, He Made A Mother Very Angry

It gets forgotten way too often in this era where everyone cheers bad guys for being cool or good wrestlers or unironically wearing expensive scarves and having a list of enemies, that you’re supposed to hate them. If you’re cheering for a heel wrestler, they are actually failing at their job description. One person who hasn’t forgotten that heels are bad guys that you shouldn’t be supporting is Kevin Owens, who took an opportunity to display the #1 characteristic of his persona by yelling at a random kid in a Roman Reigns shirt during a recent live event, telling the kid that he should have bought a KO shirt, but actually, not really, because he’s not allowed to be a fan of Owens, and additionally is never allowed to touch the Universal Champion. Good heel work, right?

So, obviously, because everyone carries a smartphone, someone recorded the exchange, and it’s now accompanied with a diatribe from the mother of the child, who is crushed that a bad guy wrestler would be mean to her special little guy.

All night he was getting high fives from other wrestlers and was all smiles but for some reason when Kevin Owens came out he singled out my son and commented on who’s shirt he was wearing then told him “you should get this shirt. Actually don’t get this shirt I don’t want you to ever wear my shirt. Don’t you ever try to touch me.” All because my 7 year old wanted a high five and wasn’t wearing his shirt. My heart sank. He became visibly upset, sat down and kept staring at the gate. I couldn’t help it I started crying.

To top all of this off after Kevin Owens lost to Roman Reigns and he was walking away from the ring my son was just standing there on his seat watching and Kevin Owens jumped towards him and yelled at him “I am your father” which made no sense but with the sudden movement and loudness made all of us jump and my son almost fell of his seat. My son is crushed and whenever he talks about it he tears up. I can’t believe a wrestler would actually treat a 7 year old fan this way. Shame on you Kevin Owens and WWE.

Seriously? Do you go to the movies, then write letters about how Kylo Ren killing Han Solo made your kid upset and now he doesn’t even want a Kylo Ren action figure now, and it’s all Disney’s fault for allowing it to happen? We don’t want to make this one of those “back in my day” things, but if a wrestler had ever insulted us to our face at a wrestling event, even as a 7-year-old, that would have been the coolest thing ever and probably made that wrestler into our very favorite. In fact, we’re pretty sure your kid looked thrilled when he turned around after Owens walked away, because yeah, interacting with the wrestlers you normally only see on TV is an awesome moment for a wrestling fan.

It’s important to note that we believe that Kevin Owens did absolutely nothing wrong. Maybe this mother, who we assume is a fully functional adult, should realize that wrestling is, you know, not real, and the wrestlers are playing both good and bad guys. Yeah, bad guys are going to say and do bad things, and if you happen to be at ringside (nice seats, by the way), some of that might end up flying in your direction. Sure, her son might no longer like Kevin Owens anymore (although we’d bet that’s not entirely true), but don’t pretend that Owens was in any way out of line here. In fact, he did exactly what every heel is supposed to be doing in the same situation.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle is an avid wrestling and film fan. He's been writing about WWE, movies, and video games for Goliath since 2015.