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Kevin Owens Abruptly “Quits” WWE And We’re All Marking Out

Kevin Owens has announced his resignation from Raw, and perhaps the entire WWE, after losing an Intercontinental championship match versus Seth Rollins on Monday night.

It started with Rollins issuing an open challenge, and Owens responding. The two put on one hell of a match, but it ended with Rollins winning clean via a curb stomp following a missed moonsault attempt by Owens. After the match, Owens sat in the middle of the ring, seemingly contemplating life, before uttering two simple words.

It’s convenient timing, since All In is scheduled to happen on Saturday and fans are speculating whether Owens might make an appearance. And even though his resignation is almost certainly a work (he signed a five-year extension back in May 2018), Owens and the company are doing everything they can to make it look like he’s really gone.

Here’s his updated Twitter account, which has removed all mention of the WWE.

And here’s the’s Alumni page, which honors former wrestlers who no longer work for the company, featuring a brand new face.

We’re interested to see how long Owens stays away (if he does at all), and how the WWE will “re-hire” him — perhaps back on SmackDown? Either way, Owens continues to be the thinnest line between kayfabe and real life. At this point, we’re hoping he does show up at All In on Saturday!

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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