Jon Jones’ Coach: “Stipe Miocic is a Harder Fight Than Brock Lesnar”

Now that the Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier fight is over and done with, all the hype about a potential Jones vs. Brock Lesnar heavyweight fight in the UFC seems to have died down a bit. After all, Lesnar has a ton of hurdles to get over if he truly does want another run in MMA, and Jones will need to focus on defending a 205-pound title, a weight that Lesnar could never reach.

Jones did call out Lesnar in the octagon after knocking out Cormier at UFC 214, but things have been mostly quiet ever since. Until now, anyway. On a recent edition of the Submission Radio show, Jones’ coach Mike Winklejohn was asked about the champ potentially moving up the heavyweight at some point in his career, whether for a superfight against Lesnar or one of the other top contenders in the division.

Specifically, he talked about whether Jones would matchup better against Lesnar or current UFC heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic.

“Well, they’re different type of fighters. Stipe can knock out a horse when he hits them. I’m not saying Brock couldn’t, he’s just slower when he does it. And Brock’s gonna, you gotta get out of the way of Brock when he’s driving forward. So definitely different fights.


Do I think Jon thinks he can beat Stipe? Yeah. Do I think he might have said it? Yes. But I like the Brock Lesnar fight for right now. And we need to work on some skills and get some weight on Jon before he fights with Stipe, because I think that Stipe is a harder fight.”

I guess that’s not really a hot take, right? After all, Miocic is a 34-year-old champion and possibly the baddest man on the planet, while Lesnar is a 40-year-old pro wrestling with a history of PED use. Of course Stipe is the harder fight. But which one would sell more PPVs? The answer should be obvious…

Here’s the entire clip:

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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