Jon Jones’ Coach: “No One Can Beat Jon Jones But Himself”

Jon Jones is facing a potential two-year suspension from the sport of MMA after failing a drug test prior to UFC 200. For fans, it was a big blow to see the man who is widely considered one of the very best to ever compete in the octagon. For Jones’ coach Mike Winkeljohn, though, there’s only one place to put the blame.

“I’ve always said no one beats Jon Jones but himself,” Winklejohn said on Submission Radio, according to Bloody Elbow’s Zane Simon. “That’s it. And he’s got many, many years to keep going and figure this out, if he’s got the opportunity to, and if it turns out that he’s able to.”

Jones was removed from the UFC’s official fighter rankings earlier this week, as his future the company is entirely up in the air. He is still only 29-years old, and could easily come back after serving a suspension. The problem is that his recent failed drug test is only the latest thing on a long list of controversies. There was a DUI arrest in 2012. The cancelling of an entire event (UFC 151) because Jones refused to fight a last minute replacement. There was the press conference brawl with Daniel Cormier. A positive drug test for cocaine and then a 24-hour stay in rehab. Then a much-publicized hit-and-run incident that caused the UFC to strip him of his title.

His removal from the main event of UFC 200 was the final straw for the UFC, who seem to be willing to distance themselves from the former light heavyweight champ, at least for now. Jones and his legal team are reportedly planning argue that he took a tainted supplement and didn’t knowingly use performance enhancing drugs. Winklejohn hopes that will help reduce any possible suspension.

“We’ve gotta be careful. Everyone’s gotta be careful,” Winkeljohn said. “Everything you put in your body, no matter who gives it to you, you can’t just take whatever, because you never know what’s in there, what it’s tainted with, what’s going to come up on a drug test.

“And I don’t think he would have done anything out of the ordinary to try to do a performance enhancer type situation, but what’s going on is apparently something’s tainted and hopefully that’s what’s going to come out here soon and then hopefully all this bad talk about Jon Jones will start going away and we’ll get him back to fighting.”

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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