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James Ellsworth’s T-Shirt Sales May Earn Him A WWE Contract

It seems like one of the most unbelievable tales you could ever make up about the crazy world of pro wrestling, but it looks like the man with two hands and a fighting chance might have worked his way into an actual WWE contract, thanks in part to moving merchandise better than anyone else on the roster. That’s right, despite the shirt in question being absolutely horrible, James Ellsworth is one of the top t-shirt sellers in WWE at this point, allegedly even outselling new Goldberg-related shirts which went on sale at the same time. As a result, while he had been working on a “per appearance” deal up to last week’s Smackdown, apparently there is a push to get him signed to an actual full-time WWE contract, making him a true underdog success story in every sense of the word.

Are you excited to potentially see the electricity of James Ellsworth on a regular basis? Let us know your thoughts!

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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