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Is WWE Talking To Former Stars About Comebacks?

So, everything that happens over the next month is probably going to be related to the imminent return of the WWE Brand Extension, and it seems like WWE might already be taking steps to expand an already fairly deep roster in preparation for that fateful day. According to separate reports, WWE has reached out to several former Superstars about potentially making returns to the company, in order to fill out both brands. Depending on how much stock you put in rumors (albeit ones reported by, which you’d think might actually know something), the following wrestlers may have been contacted about coming back to WWE:

– Kurt Angle
– Jeff Hardy
– Rey Mysterio
– Goldberg
– John Morrison
– Shelton Benjamin
– Carlito
– Stevie Richards

It should be noted that all of those Superstars are well into their 40’s, at minimum, and several are actually contracted with other promotions, including TNA and Lucha Underground. However, we’d have to admit that we’d be all about Kurt Angle returning in a managerial role for soon-to-be promoted NXT tag team American Alpha. Jeff Hardy, though, can keep doing whatever the heck he’s doing with his crazy brother in TNA.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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