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Is Alberto Del Rio On His Way Out Of WWE?

While nothing is confirmed, there are rumblings that Alberto Del, who returned amidst great fanfare last October and defeated John Cena for the United States title in his first match back, only to see his stock in the company plummet almost immediately, might be looking to leave WWE for a second time when his contract allows later this year. Del Rio, who was reportedly signed to a fairly lucrative contract (which allegedly promised a main event-level push) in order to lure him away from his position in independent promotions AAA and Lucha Underground, has largely had a disappointing second run with WWE. This includes a tepid feud with Kalisto over the US Title, and a disastrous stint as a member of the League of Nations faction. In addition, during the WWE Draft, Del Rio and Paige, who recently revealed that they are in a relationship, were drafted to different brands without warning, leading to a visibly upset Del Rio cutting a fairly angry promo on the WWE Network afterwards. Even if WWE were to make good on everything they promised Del Rio in order to bring him back, it seems unlikely that would be enough at this point to salvage the relationship.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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