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Injured WWE Superstar May Be Final Entrant in Andre Battle Royal

According to reports, a popular WWE Superstar who hasn’t been seen on TV since suffering an injury in late 2015 could fill the final unannounced spot in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania (assuming the match remains a 20 entrants and the three uninjured members of the Wyatt Family are added (which is expected), there are currently 19 announced entrants. That sentence is so deliberately vague that it probably annoyed you, but come on, if we put the name in the first sentence, there’s no reason for you to read the whole article.

Anyway, word is that the Swiss Superman, Cesaro, will be at WrestleMania, and may actually be healed enough from his shoulder injury that he could be the final entrant in the battle royal, and would probably instantly become the favorite to win the whole thing, becoming the first two-time winner. This is all wild speculation right now, but there are a few signs that make it plausible. Notably, Cesaro is already being advertised for WWE’s European tour, which takes place right after WrestleMania, so he must be incredibly close to being medically cleared, if he isn’t already. Also, WWE announced that they have moved the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal off the pre-show and onto WrestleMania itself, which, given the relatively low standing of most of the already announced participants, suggests that they might actually have a plan for someone important to win. Or they could just give it to Braun Strowman, like everyone’s been saying for weeks.

Still, we’re saying there’s a chance… Via
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