High Schooler Unleashes Huge Homerun, Followed By Monster Bat Flip Screenshot via Twitter

There was a time, not that long ago, where flipping your bat after hitting a homerun would result in consequences. Maybe your old school coach would bench you, which is probably the best case scenario. More likely, the opposing pitcher would be targeting your head during your next at bat, which usually leads to a bench clearing brawl.

However, with bat flips by the likes of big leaguers Yasiel Puig and Jose Bautista being celebrated by fans on social media and even being featured on SportsCenter, tossing the lumber after smashing a dinger has become increasingly en vogue.

Case in point: here’s high school baseball player Dakota Limon unleashing an impressive flip after depositing this ball on the other side of the outfield fence. Look at thing fly! Someone probably got hurt by that bat projectile!

Like Bryce Harper said: “Make baseball fun again.” Bat flips are fun.