Hell In A Cell PPV Now Advertised As Having A ‘Triple Main Event’

Seemingly due to Mick Foley announcing that Sasha Banks vs Charlotte would be the main event of Hell In A Cell, WWE has been advertising next week’s PPV as having the dreaded “triple main event”, referring to all three of the announced Hell in a Cell Matches. Of course, like starting quarterbacks, when you say you have more than one, you actually don’t have any, but more importantly, this is probably a pretty safe indicator that the Women’s Title match will not be closing the show, as many had anticipated following Foley’s announcement. This stinks of WWE wanting to have their cake and eat it too, being able to advertise Sasha-Charlotte as a “main event” (hey, remember when WCW used to have to market Dale “The Demon” Torborg matches as “main events” thanks to their contract with KISS?) while still running a traditional show with the men’s Universal title on top.

Given that this is the same company who just ran their WWE World Title match first at No Mercy, and because subscriber numbers probably don’t change based on the main event of a single-brand PPV, we’re not sure why they aren’t just owning it and running with the first Women’s match to main event at WWE PPV. Of course, it could still happen (and the fact that the show takes place in Sasha’s hometown would seem to make it the perfect atmosphere for such an experiment), but given how fast WWE and Foley backtracked once the news came out, we’re going to go ahead and assume that the Owens-Rollins match will end the evening.

Or it could just be the Roman Reigns match, because obviously.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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