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Goldberg Discusses WWE 2K17, Possible Return Source:

After it was revealed that Goldberg would be the special pre-order DLC, rumors immediately arose about whether or not he might make a comeback in WWE, where he last worked in 2004. In the past, wrestlers appearing in WWE video games has often been a precursor to a return, including Bret Hart, Ultimate Warrior, and Sting. The former World Champion appeared on Bill Simmons’ podcast to do a little promotional work for the game, and of course, the question came up. Here’s what Goldberg had to say about a potential return to wrestling:

“Oh, who knows? Firstly, Sting and I’s circumstances were much different. Sting had never been here prior. I had already been there. I did my time there for a short period of time. Had some ups and had some downs. It was a different, really cool experience, though it was a little different. Does my inclusion in WWE 2K17 mean the next step is to get back in the ring? That’s not my intention by any stretch of the imagination. I initially just want to put a smile on my son’s face and show him what his daddy used to do, ripping guy’s heads off. If it leads to something like that then I… I don’t know, man. You never say never, you really don’t, and at the end of the day it’s water under the bridge. Things have happened in the past. Would I love to be a wonderful father and provide more entertainment for my son? Hey, why not. But that’s not why I did this. If it happens it happens. It would be a huge honor of mine but my involvement in this game, my intention… I have no more intention beyond my involvement in this game by any stretch of the imagination. If it came up then it would be a conversation that I would have to address but right now you’re going to see two versions of Goldberg on WWE 2K17 and I think that’s the only version you’re going to see for a while.”

It should be noted that while WWE’s permission is needed to include Goldberg in the game, his contract for appearing is with developer 2K Games, not WWE.