Full Extent Of Finn Balor’s Injuries Revealed

When WWE revealed that Finn Balor had suffered a torn labrum and would be out 4-6 months, it turns out that was just the beginning, and Balor’s return to the ring will unfortunately not be taking place anytime soon. Balor provided an update on social media about his condition, and the results of his surgery. While everything went well, the full extent of Balor’s injuries were actually far worse than originally diagnosed.

“180 [degree] labrum tear, torn bicep and pectoral tendon,Cartilage damage & Fracture to the glenoid neck socket (I have it in a jar on my dresser)”

We didn’t really need to know that last part, Finn. Ew. And hey, remember that list of injuries the next time an action hero in a movie “fixes” his own dislocated shoulder, just like Finn did at SummerSlam. In addition, this meant that Balor’s surgery, originally scheduled to take one hour, actually took four. But the important news is that the severity of his condition means that Balor’s recovery time has been extended from the previously flexible 4-6 months to at least six months, minimum. The good news is, that means he could still come back in time for WrestleMania, but any earlier seems like an impossibility.

For his part, Balor is fairly upbeat about the whole situation.

What can we say, dude loves giraffes.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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