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Finn Balor Suffered Shoulder Injury At SummerSlam, Severity Unknown

Winning the WWE Universal Title at SummerSlam was a huge first step for the main roster career of Finn Balor, but it’s possible the journey might have been delayed before it can even get underway. According to eyewitness reports and photos taken after SummerSlam, Balor was walking around with his right arm in a sling, leading to rumors he’d suffered some sort of injury. While Balor did make a scheduled appearance on Good Morning America on Monday morning with no sling in evidence, it has basically been confirmed that he did injure his shoulder in some way during him SummerSlam match. Balor is scheduled to be fully evaluated by doctors after Raw (so, he’s unlikely to actually wrestle tonight), and decisions will be made going forward depending on the final diagnosis.

You may now begin to panic, but only moderately, at least until we have the full story.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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