Pro Wrestling

Finn Balor Made a Surprise Return During the Main Event of Raw Via

The timetable for Finn Balor to return from injury was always pegged as “sometime near WrestleMania.” And while the inaugural Universal Champion didn’t show up in Orlando for WrestleMania, he finally made his comeback the next night on Raw.

Seth Rollins (also back to active duty after a knee injury) found himself without a tag-team partner for a main event match against Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens, after Chris Jericho was taken out earlier in the show. New general manager Kurt Angle promised to find a worthy replacement. Just when it looked like Rollins might end up fighting in a 2-on-1 handicapped match, the Demon King returned!

Rollins and Balor were victorious on the night, but the real news here is that Balor, the man who never lost the Universal Championship and leader of the Balor Club, is back!