Ember Moon Talks About How ‘Game Of Thrones’ Influenced Her Career

One of the new highlights of the NXT Women’s Division after debuting at TakeOver: Brooklyn, Ember Moon has burst onto the scene and looks poised to become one of the the leaders of the next wave of female talent to sweep through WWE. During a recent interview with the Miami Herald, she talked about her long path to WWE, and the inspirations behind her unique name and personality.

On her first trainer, the legendary Skandor Akbar:

“He was my wrestling dad,” she said. “He taught me so much. He was a hard trainer, and he pushed me to my limit. His teachings have stayed with me to this very day. I’m so happy and so grateful to have had him in my career and so thankful to say Skandor Akbar trained me. It’s like a medal that I wear on my shirt.”

On her repeated try-outs for WWE during her early career:

“When I was 18, I had my very first tryout for WWE,” she said. “I had another tryout, when I was 19, and another tryout when I was 20. After that didn’t go the way I wanted it to, I decided I was going to make them want me, and that’s exactly what I did. I traveled all around the world and made a name for myself on the indies.”

On the origins of her name:

“Ember is the last thing that comes with a flame. It’s the part that is so hard to die down, that can combust at any moment,” she explained. “The moon is so cool. It changes faces all the time. So basically my name means something that is undying and ever changing.”

On her favorite Game of Thrones character and how they affect her perspective on life:

““I became heavily influenced by Game of Thrones with the book. When the show came along, I was all about that life, too, but there is one character who I loved in the book, and his name was Patchface. He’s a minor character who popped up.

“He’s the jester, fool character, playmate for Stannis’s daughter [Shireen Baratheon] in the book, but the cool thing about him is that he always speaks in tongues, and he’s very witty and been known to prophesy. That’s one thing that I absolutely love, the whole prophesy thing, being destined for something, because I do believe that everyone has a destiny. As long as you’re willing to rise to that challenge, you can make anything happen.”

You can read the full interview at Miami Herald’s website.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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