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POLL: Did WWE Go Too Far On Raw Last Night? Source:

A controversial segment which ended Raw last night has created an ongoing debate about whether WWE crossed a line by using the tragic death of Reid Flair as part of a story line involving his older sister, WWE Divas Champion Charlotte. Fan reaction to the segment has been decided negative, with the general opinion being that WWE shouldn’t be using Flair’s death by drug overdose in a wrestling story line, especially the part where Paige taunted Charlotte with his death, claiming her little brother “didn’t have much fight in him”. Meanwhile, personalities from around the world of professional wrestling were quick to weigh in with their opinions about Raw’s main event.

Elizabeth Fliehr, mother of Charlotte and Reid:

WWE Diva Lana (who has been feuding with Paige on Twitter since the show ended):

Former WWE Divas Champion Mickie James:

MMA fighter turned wrestler Shayna Bazler:

Former play-by-play announcer Jim Ross:

Former WWE and WCW Wrestler Lance Storm:

Paige will face Charlotte for the WWE Divas title at Survivor Series this Sunday, but in the meantime, what did you think of the segment? Did WWE go too far? Answer our poll below and let us know what you think!