Details Of Dixie Carter’s Meeting With TNA Roster

Following a nervous Bound For Glory weekend in which the vast majority of experts predicted that TNA would either end up sold to a new owner or shuttered entirely due to a lack of funds, Dixie Carter took a few minutes before a round of freshly (and still mysteriously) funded Impact tapings on Monday night (TNA will be taping in Orlando all week, which is expected to provide enough material to keep the show airing through the rest of the year). Here are the important points that she apparently discussed.

– Carter acknowledged that TNA had once again been late in paying wrestlers and support staff, but claimed that it was the result of late payments owed to TNA by other groups

– She also said that WWE had indeed offered to buy the company, but that she wouldn’t let that happen (we’re assuming that the WWE offer was likely a very low number, since they know that they can just wait and see if TNA goes completely bankrupt before they buy the tape library)

– Dixie remains majority owner of TNA, but also said that there has been some conflict and a power struggle with other owners (which includes both Billy Corgan and Aroluxe, who have loaned the company money to continue operations in exchange for stakes in TNA)

– Carter claimed that Bound For Glory was never in danger of being cancelled, and was surprised about there being so much worry among talent about the company’s status

Allegedly, the talk did somewhat help address the concerns of the roster, although the feeling is still that TNA is far from out of the woods at this point, as there are no current plans for the company’s future beyond this latest set of TV tapings.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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