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Daniel Bryan Openly Mocks Hell in a Cell PPV On ‘Talking Smack’

At least one authority figure is going that extra mile to try and sell the rivalry between Raw and Smackdown, as Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan was his usual expressive self during the ‘Talking Smack’ post-show last night. During the show, which airs on the WWE Network, Bryan had the following to say about Raw’s upcoming Hell in a Cell PPV

“3 Hell in a Cell matches. More is more? Is that the phrase? More is more? More is better? There’s more that’s better? Do you know what I think they should do, is they should make it 4 hours, maybe 5 hours. With 6 Hell in a Cell matches. Yeah, no, I- and, and the winner of all 6 Hell in a Cell matches gets to be champion of the galaxy! That’s what I want to happen.

“And you get the championship when Triple H just comes out and beats up everybody else and then puts you on top of then. That’s how you become Universal Champion.”

Harsh words, but not totally inaccurate.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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